Photo Gallery
To organize a database, there are two guest houses. The houses of two and three storey. Several unusual architecture of a large guest house, it is called “Pyramid”, due to the need to ensure maximal heat and the ability to effectively resist the strong wind loads. Wall construction – combined, partially made of logs, in part – board room with multi-layer insulation. On three floors of a large house there are seven living rooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen and a room for the meal. In the hall at the same time can comfortably accommodate 40-50 people. The existing small stage will also help in organizing small concerts, theme nights or seminar. Living room of the house 2-D and 3-bed, one 5-bedded, and are equipped with two single beds, a chest of drawers for clothes, clothes hangers, tables, chairs and stools. There is a common upper and local lighting, electrical outlets for non-energy electrical appliances. Heating in the rooms – a centralized, in addition to the five-seat room with a fireplace. All living rooms are located on the upper floors.
The second guest house (small) may be of interest to the company from 3 to 8 people. It is ideal for people who want to spend time in the narrow circle of the family or company. Two-storey house consists of two rooms, and equipped with two single beds, a chest of drawers for clothes, clothes hangers, tables, chairs. There is a bathroom on the first floor. House heating stove (fireplace).
Russian bathhouse. Bathhouse is located on the border of the base, near the lake, for the convenience of the water laid wood flooring. In winter, you can combine soaring with bathing in a white fluffy snow. The design of most traditional baths, built of logs, there is a waiting room with a table and benches, there is the same small woodshed, washing facilities and a steam room for 4-6 people. It bases the opportunity to take regular bath treatments for the duration of their stay. Every visit to the baths includes a thermos of tea, honey or jam.
A little about the rest on or near the base. It can be quite varied, ranging from passive contemplation of the beauty of nature from the window of the house and ending with a short trekking or skiing forays in the area.
• Close to home with large swings, which are popular in both children and adults at any time of the year;
• In the winter at the base, there is always at your service ice slide, ledyanki and “cheesecake”;
• From the base to the river Athanasius laid “Path of Health”, with a length of 1100 meters. Summer – it’s easy forest trail, passing by a small but very picturesque little lake forest. Coming in her unhurried pace, almost without moving her into the woods, you can easily type a basket full of wonderful aspen mushrooms or berries. At the end of the trail you will have the opportunity to relax at a cozy table with benches in the shade of century-old crown of northern spruce. Coming back, somewhere in the middle of the road, you will also find a place to stay with a table, benches and specially trained fire pit. In winter, the trail turns into a snowy road, which laid trails. For a database organized cross-country ski rental with boots. Those wishing to wander in the woods in winter snow provide the untouched forest skis or snowshoes;
• In the summer, moving away from the “Path of Health” for 100 meters towards the forest little lake, sitting on a bench near the water, you can enjoy the singing of birds frightened of forest, overlooking near-tundra forests are recognized in the surface of the water on the opposite bank, to make a series of memorable photos or shift all seen on canvas;
• For lovers of exotic and extreme it is possible to spend the time to prepare food, or even spend the night in spite of the bitter cold, strong wind or heavy rain, in a traditional Sami dwelling – Plague (kuvakse). Comfortably ensconced on reindeer skins around the burning, breathable warmth of the hearth, you will be able to touch the life of the indigenous population – the Saami (Lapps), personally feel the severity of the northern nature and magic of ancient traditions;
• Also: watching the Northern (Arctic) Radiance (September to March), picking berries and mushrooms (July to October), a boat ride on the forest lake, photo and just walk and if all options are exhausted – TrikolorTV, the literature on the nature and history of the Kola Peninsula, chess and ESPRESSO from «Dolce Gusto» or «Squesito».
It provides a comprehensive framework meals. Complimentary tea – as you wish. The menu consists of dishes of Russian cuisine and local Sami – the gifts of the local nature: venison, fish, berries and mushrooms, meat and dairy products produced by local (Lovozero) agricultural enterprise.
Our grill offers a refined barbecue venison or elk, fish and grilled vegetables.
To power on fishing, hunting or trail sets are organized in the form of dry rations and food for cooking in field conditions.
Fishing and hunting
Our seats are full of fish! Catching on spinning 4-5 pound salmon straight from the dock campings have no one surprise! Let us say at once, salmon have not found. But very popular and effectiveness fishing on lake and river trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, grayling, burbot and whitefish. However, traditional fishing for pike and perch will not leave anyone indifferent. We will arrange for you to go fishing winter and summer, will provide the missing gear, tackle and bait provide delivery to the place of fishing, as well as all the necessary consultations.
About hunting
Hunting can begin immediately after the base. This is mainly upland fowl and rabbit. If interested in deer, elk or bear – will have to go away, to the territory of the base they come less often. Hunting for waterfowl, especially in the passage in the autumn, is less interesting and athletic – very much her a lot. We shall assist in obtaining licenses, provide a guide, provide and deliver equipment to the hunting area.
Tours and excursions
Our company offers the organization and provision of tourism, ethnographic, esoteric, study tours, water, mining, fishing, hunting trails, as well as excursions to interesting historical and natural places of the Lovozero district. You will have the unique opportunity to discover the history and unique culture of the indigenous peoples of the far north, to take part in traditional folk festivals – Festival of the North in March and Sami play in June, winter ride on a sled pulled by reindeer and see the fantastic Northern Lights, and in the summer to visit the sacred Lake Seydozero and to see the old 70-meter rock drawing of a giant hero Sami epics.
Transfers to and from train stations to the base and back
You can get to the camp from the train / railway station or airport Olenegorsk Murmansk, on the lake on a boat or a motor boat – summer or snowmobile – in the winter. We will arrange a meeting at the railway stations and transfer you by private car, minibus 9 seats or provide cargo transport in case of a large amount of cargo. Possible to arrange a transfer from the railway stations and airports nearby towns of Murmansk region (Apatity, Kirovsk, etc.). Delivery is possible for the entire Murmansk region.
Delivery boat / ATV / snowmobile
It has a different campings own transport (boat, “Stork” boat “Corvette”, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles) to arrange your trip to the tundra ponds and Lovozero district of the Murmansk region to deliver on trips, in order to deliver to remote routes.
Provision of tourist equipment
At the camp you can rent camping equipment you need for your trip or travel. At your service: motor and rowing boats, canoes, tents, winter and summer, tents, campfire equipment, camp utensils, gas stoves and heaters, rain gear, sleeping bags, mats, backpacks, etc.
Accompanying guide / instructor
We provide an experienced guide / instructor Lovozero district in a variety of tours and excursions on the routes and expeditions.
If necessary, arrange escort interpreter.