Camp Strelna

The Terskij region is one of the most interesting places on the Kola Peninsula. Relatively mild climate of the southern coast of the Kola Peninsula combined with picturesque nature of the Russian North, clear lakes and rivers full of rapids, where different species of fishes are found such as pollan, perch, pike, trout, grayling, hunchback salmon, bulltrout and of course, the queen of rivers – salmon; distinctive culture of the local residents – pomors attracts numerous tourists which come for fishing in marvelous rivers. Confluence with northern nature, murmur of crystal clear water – nothing will shatter your peace and quiet except for the cherish bite.

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The river Strelna is considered to be the true pearl of the southern coast on the Kola Peninsula. This is determined by following factors: remoteness from the civilization, there is more than 100 km till the nearest driveway, absence of settlements on the all river length, big flock of salmon that comes for spawning (according to the latest data more than 7000 head), absence of poaching and strictly controlled regime of sport fishing. According to the objective expert evidence, salmon flock of the Strelna river is in a progressive condition and concedes only to the number of fish on the Terskij coast by the Varguza and Ponoj rivers. In comparison with competitors river is not so full-flowing and salmon concentration in it is extremely high. As camp workers and fishermen noticed, in a week of fishing there can be up to 200 successful bites per person.Besides salmon there is bulltrout in the river, in July the number of hunchback salmon is high, there are local bulltrout and grayling as well. The river is inconceivably picturesque: islands, canyons, red marble cliffs, waterfall.

The main and the best fishing plot is located in 160 meters from the camp. The length of fishing plot is about 1.5 kilometers, from the inflow to the White Sea till the waterfall; fishing is carried out on the both river banks. Stream crossing is performed by boat in a time that is suitable for fishermen. There are eleven pools on the plot which are located in a comfortable distance of 200-300 meters, the river’s width in this place is from 40 to 60 meters. There are plenty of jets, pits and sharp changes in the streams with the freewheeling water. The river is easy “legible” and even inexperienced fisherman will easily find fishing run without guide’s help. In the river’s length from the sea till waterfall the concentration of the salmon coming from the sea is the highest. Here salmon stays for a while, hesitating to continue its path upstream. In above of the waterfall there is big reach with plenty of local bulltrout, further there are two severe rapids with interesting fishing plots. It is hard to find more comfortable place for fishing than on the Strelna river: distance from the camp till the nearest pool is 160 meters and less than 1.5 kilometers to the furthest one. Camp guests are not restricted by the camp regime and they have opportunity to return to the house at any time to have some rest or to drink a cup of coffee in the dining-room. If you have a sudden desire to fish for an hour more before sleep there is no problem, best fishing plots are located near the houses. You even don’t have to wear waders, light boots will be suitable because there are granite rocks along the whole length of the plot.

Per person (in a group not less than 8 persons).