Camp Tipanovka

Fishing and hunting camp

majoitus Tipanovka  majoitus paikka Tipanovka Kuolan niemimaa

Fishing and hunting camp “Tipanovka” located on the N. coast of the Kola Peninsula  near the mouth of the river Tipanovka. Distance from camp to the river is about 100m. The river flows into the Barents Sea, the distance from  camp to the sea is 700m.

ruokapöydä majoitus tipanovka  olohuone tipanovka

A river Tipanovka you have the opportunity to catch Atlantic salmon  tackles allowed within the statutory period .Living conditions and an atmosphere that prevails in our camp , pleasantly surprise you : this is a small island of civilization autonomous mode using alternative sources of energy lost in the mountain tundra north coast of the Kola Peninsula and will not leave you indifferent. With us you will feel better than at home : only one view opening to the waterfall from windows of the house , will remain in the memory long after you leave the camp , and will always have a desire to come back here again. Modern technical equipment combined with stained wood , eaten away by sea bugs , which is used in the finish, give a special flavor brutal . For those who want to get into a virgin place and it does not feel slighted at home and enjoy the benefits of civilization , our camp opens its doors.

makuhuone tipanovka  baari tipanovka


7 beds heated wooden house (year-round)

Two rooms for 2 and one room with 3 beds
Sleeps – Single, beddings
Shower, toilet

kylpylä tipanvka  sauna tipanovka


tipanovkan lohta
Fish : Atlantic salmon  , brown trout , brook trout , salmon , trout, cod , haddock , halibut, catfish , plaice .
Bird : bean goose , ducks , partridges polar .
Animals: hare, fox , brown bear.

tipanovka 2  tipanovkan lohta 1

Tipanovka beautiful and fast river. Long Reach alternate moderately fast rapids. There are wide rolls with smooth flow, and has narrow rapids going through pile of large boulders. They form a strong jet with backflow. The variety of terrain banks and riverbed allows fishing fans find their coveted places catch. Clean, open places pebbles allow beginner fly fishing man their work confidently tackle. Fans spinning can test their skills on the rocky shoals.

The river is not very wide, an average of 30 meters. On the sunlit areas with high banks of the crystal clear waters you can see salmon. Fishing area where you can catch salmon – is located between the mouth of the waterfall, the length of 1.5 km, above the waterfall salmon can not get up, and all stand in this area, for which there are a few pools where everyone will be able to choose a place to his liking .

Fly fishing and spinning

On Tipanovka river allowed to catch only two ways: fly fishing and spinning .

Over the last decade domestic anglers have access to a wide variety of technical means of catching all kinds of fish found in numerous water bodies of our Motherland . And it seems that the fish grows wiser at the same pace as the improvement of the instruments is catching. Is not so easy on a thick fishing line or hard , do not tackle sensitive catch worthy trophy waters , unless it is stocking the pond, where the fish are biting on a bare hook .